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Breaking Things Is A Speciality Of Everyone In Fairy Tail.



• Dallas •

Magic ~ Fire Dragon Slaying

• Paige •

Magic ~ Sky Dragon Slaying

• Katie •

Magic ~ Static Ice Make

• Iris •

Magic ~ Celestial Magic

• Cassidy •

Magic ~ Requip

• Taylor •

Magic ~ Water Magic

• Alison •

Magic ~ Solid Script

• Anika •

Magic ~ Animal Take-Over


Chapter 1


"Can you believe that we're really going home tomorrow?" I asked, while sitting cross-legged on the hotel room floor and pulling off my socks and shoes. I rubbed my feet, which were sore from walking all day long, and stood up, looking around at my friends.

"We only have one more guild left to see," my best friend, Paige, said, from where she sat on one of the beds. She was holding a paper -- probably the schedule -- in her hands. "It's called... Fairy Tail?" She frowned. "What a strange name."

One of my other roommates, Iris, looked up from her suitcase, which she had been rummaging through, trying to find her pajamas. "At least it sounds better than some of those weird guilds we saw earlier," she pointed out with a shrug, "like Blue Pegasus. Their leader is freaky."

My good friend, Katie, sitting on the bed opposite Paige, laughed. "Hopefully Fairy Tail is better," she commented. "I'm really hoping to have chosen a guild by the end of this trip, and so far, it's not looking so good!"

I stood up and went over to sit beside Paige, peeking over her shoulder at the schedule. "Master Makarov Dreyar," I read from the list of people that we were supposed to meet, "and... Mirajane Strauss?! Isn't she like, a super-famous model for the Sorcerer Magazine?!"

"I think so," Iris said, fishing her toothbrush out of her suitcase and vanishing into the bathroom.

Paige trailed her fingertip down the list of names, murmuring a few to herself. She sighed, obviously disappointed. "I didn't see any Dragon Slayers on there," she mumbled to me, folding the paper into a neat little square.

I looked across the room to see if the Katie had heard, but she was busy braiding her hair. Not many people knew of her, no our secret. See, our friendship goes way back, through elementary school, too. One day, around the middle of fourth grade, Paige and I were hanging out together, as we often did, but we had wandered a bit past our normal boundaries. We soon found ourselves lost, with no familiar landmarks to guide us back to my house. We probably would've been stuck there for quite a while if not for the arrival of two dragons.

One was a magnificent, snowy hue of white, and the other was a dark purplish-reddish color. They told us their names: Grandeeney and Igneel. At first, they were angered by us; two ignorant little kids who didn't have the faintest idea how to use magic. But then, they softened. We made a promise, the four of us. They would teach us magic in exchange for us not blabbing our mouth about our discovery. Of course, we accepted.

So, over the course of the next few months, Grandeeney and Igneel trained us. Whenever they could, after school, in between meals, during playtimes. We learned a lot, and it was clear that we were growing. But one day, they disappeared, without a trace. They haven't returned since and now, being on the school trip that took us to meet a few different guilds, we were hoping that we would find at least one Dragon Slayer. No luck.

I groan. "Didn't Grandeeney and Igneel both have one other student?" I whisper to her, hoping that I remembered right.

"Yeah, Wendy Marvell and Natsu Dragneel," Paige replied quietly. "I thought they were in Fairy Tail..."

"They might be," I tried to assure her. "Maybe they are, and they just aren't one of those people that we're meeting."

"I hope so..." Paige muttered. "Otherwise, we're going to have to choose one and learn a whole new type of magic!" She sighed and flopped back on the bed. "This is so difficult... I don't want to have to restart. I want to continue my training!"

"Same..." I mumbled, then swung my legs around and rested my feet on the soft carpeted floor. "We should really get ready for bed. After all, we have a long day tomorrow..."


Chapter 2


The ride from the hotel to the Fairy Tail guild was almost an hour total, and by the time the bus finally started slowing down, I was eager to get off. Both of my feet had long since fallen asleep, and it took a lot of jumping to bring the feeling back into them. A couple kids gave me weird looks as I hopped about, but I managed to ignore them.

"That took forever!" I heard the familiar voice of my good friend, Cassidy, and I turned to see her, Taylor, Alison, and Anika, approaching us. They were all in room 1408 together, right next to us. "And I'm absolutely exhausted!" she added.

"Why didn't you sleep?" Iris asked, grinning at Katie. "The seats were nice and comfortable!"

"For you, maybe," Taylor laughed. "I couldn't even rest for a second before some speed bump or something made me hit my head on the window!"

"Quiet in the back, there!" our teacher, Mr. Roberts, barked, glaring at us over his wire-rimmed spectacles. "We're very close to the guild! I want you all on your best behavior. Some of the greatest wizards in the world call this their home. Come along, now."

After a few minutes of walking and constant lecturing, we were there. I was panting, as was most of the group. The quick scramble up that steep hill had clearly taken a toll on everyone. Even Katie and Cassidy, who were really athletic, were breathing hard. That reassured me a bit. Maybe I'm not as out of shape as I thought.

"They should be here soon," Mr. Roberts announced in his deep voice, checking his silver wristwatch. "But they may be busy. They are wizards after all, and our coming is just a distraction to their work. So be ready to have to wait."

"Can we take a break before they come?" some boy in the crowd called out. "My feet feel like they're about to fall off any time now!"

Mr. Roberts scowled. He clearly expected us to be resilient, and to make a good first impression on the guild, but that wasn't happening. Not after two whole weeks of being dragged around the many towns and cities of Fiore. "Fine," he muttered after a moment, disgusted.

I breathed out a sigh of relief as I sat down, cross-legged, on the sidewalk. It was stone, but anything was better than standing up in the blazing hot sun. I took the time to fix my hair, which was beginning to stick to the back of my neck with sweat, and pulled it into a neat ponytail. My eyes strayed to the guild.

It was a magnificent building, from what I could see. It was made out of different types of stones, and was at least three stories high. A proud bell tower sat atop the highest roof, gleaming bronze against the bright blue sky. The entire thing was surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. A gate loomed up in front of us, with a sign reading FAIRY TAIL in big, bold letters.

"Look!" I whispered, nudging Dallas sharply in the ribs with my elbow. I pointed upwards, at the orange-and-gold banner fluttering in the wind. It had a strange white symbol imprinted on it. "Isn't that the guild mark?"

"Yeah," she replied, narrowing her eyes against the slanting rays of the sun. "A fairy with a tail."

Just then, a male voice that didn't belong to Mr. Roberts, nor any of the immature boys in my class, rang out. "Greetings, children, and welcome to Fairy Tail."


Chapter 3


I stared in awe at the three people standing before us. The one on the left had to be Mirajane. She had long silky hair in the brightest snowy hues, and dark blue eyes. She wore a red dress with a cute pink trim, and a sapphire gemstone dangled from a silver chain around her neck. I heard a few of the girls whispering to each other, and managed to make out a bit of their conversations.

"That has to be..."

"She's so pretty..."

"I wish I looked like her..."

My eyes moved to the next person; the short man in the middle. He wore a rather bizarre blue-and-orange striped jester hat, with a bit of white-turning gray hair peeking out from underneath. His neatly trimmed mustache, overshadowing his smiling mouth, was the same color. He wore an orange vest with blue sleeves that matched his hat, and a white shirt with a black Fairy Tail guild mark underneath.

The last person wasn't nearly as friendly-looking as the other two. She had long, flowing red hair and narrowed dark brown eyes that scanned us distastefully. She wore silver armor with a golden cross on the side, and a blue skirt. On her feet were a pair of knee-length black boots. She's actually quite pretty, I thought to myself. If only she'd lose the scowl.

"Hello, everyone," Mirajane greeted us cheerfully. "Why don't you all come inside, and we can introduce ourselves there?"

That turned out to be quite the mistake. A lady with dark brown hair, wearing nothing but a blue bra and red pants, was challenging a humongous man to a drinking competition. Several empty glasses already stood on the counter next to her. Nearby, two men were having a vicious fight, kicking and punching and shouting insults at each other. One of them was only wearing his underwear!

A second later, the red-haired woman who had met us at the front gates walked between them and pushed them apart, sending them staggering to the side. "Wow, she's strong," Katie whispered.

"I know," I murmured back. "That must be Erza, then. She's a very strong wizard. And stern, too! There's actually rumors about her taking over the guild when the Master retires, but I don't know if it's true or not."

"Oh my," Mirajane giggled. She was clearly used to all of this. "Erza, come back! You have guests to meet, remember?"

Immediately, all the heads in the room snapped towards us. Their expressions held everything from amusement, to shock, to confusion. They stayed unnaturally silent as the short man from earlier spoke. "I am Master Makarov," he announced, "and as of right now, I am the leader of Fairy Tail. I assume you already know Mirajane?"

We all nodded; everyone had picked up a Sorcerer Magazine one time or another to see what was going on in the magic world, and seen her on the front cover, usually in one of the bathing suits that she sported so well.

The Master gave us a toothy smile. "This is Erza Scarlet," he went on, gesturing to her. "She's is in S-Class, which is a group of Fairy Tail's strongest wizards. As you can see, she's pretty strict with Natsu and Gray over there."

I heard a faint gasp from where Paige and Dallas were standing, and gave them a confused look. What was so good about those two fighting idiots? I shrugged, turning my attention back to Makarov.

"Now, why don't you all meet the rest of our members?" he was saying. "Just stay out of Cana and Elfman's way. It's not very pretty when they're drunk." He gave an odd sort of laugh and walked away, with Mirajane trailing after him.

I noticed that Paige and Dallas had immediately taken off for where Natsu and Gray were standing. "Come on, Katie," I said, tugging at her arm. "Let's go see what they're doing."

"We'll come, too," Cassidy announced, speed-walking up to join us. "I don't know who to talk to, anyway."

By the time we got there, Paige and Dallas were already deep in conversation with one of them. He had spiky pink hair and no shirt, but at least had a sort of black vest on. As we approached, they spun around and said, "We've decided we're going to join Fairy Tail. Please, say you will, too."

I looked at Katie, then at the other four girls, and from the excited light in their eyes, I knew that we had all reached a decision. It wouldn't be any fun with part of the group somewhere else. I turned back to them, knowing that I spoke for all of us when I said, "Count us in!"


Chapter 4


"Ouch, ouch, ouch, that burns!" I complained. Just a few minutes ago, we had all decided to join Fairy Tail with Paige and Dallas, and now my skin felt like it was being singed right off. I gripped the edge of the seat so hard that my knuckles turned white, trying to tough it out and prove that I was strong enough to be a part of the guild.

Once it was over, I cautiously lifted my shirt sleeve. There, imprinted into my right shoulder, was a dark blue mark. A fairy with a tail. I winced. It still stung a bit, but not so much.

"Do you need some help, miss?" I heard a very masculine voice coming from somewhere beside me, and turned around to see the dude that had been fighting with Natsu earlier. I screamed. He was sitting so close to me, and still hadn't put on his shirt and pants! What a pervert!

"Gray, your clothes," Cana, the drinking lady, said as calmly as if this happened every day. She didn't even bother to look away from the glass of beer that she was downing.

Gray yelped and jumped up, his face red. "Uh, sorry, uh, ma'am! I didn't mean, uh, anything, I swear!" he yelled and ran off. I facepalmed. What could Paige and Dallas possibly have seen in this mess of a guild? I thought hopelessly.

"Don't worry about him," Natsu, sitting at a nearby table with a pretty blond-haired girl, laughed to me. "He's always been quite the stripper. Even when we were little. Anyway, this is my best friend, Lucy--" He was cut off as a blue blur flashed down towards him, slamming into his stomach. "Hey, Happy! Why'd you do that for?!" he whined, rubbing his belly.

Now that it had stopped moving, I realized that the blue blur was really the fur of a rather cute-looking little cat. He had a small green bag tied around his neck, but what was really surprising were the snowy-white angel wings sprouting from his back. I stared at him, but he didn't seem at all distracted by me. "I'm your best friend, remember, Natsu?" he was saying in his high-pitched voice. His little white tail-tip quivered with anger, and he stomped his paws. "I am, I am, I AM!"

"Can't you two shut up?" I turned to see Erza glaring at Natsu and Happy, her hands on her hips. "The Master is about to speak!" She pointed towards the second-floor balcony where, I now noticed, Makarov was standing. His frowning mouth was just barely visible beneath his mustache. I gulped. This cannot be good...

"I am gravely disappointed in all of you..." he began, his eyes closed. An eerie hush immediately fell across the room. He opened his eyes suddenly, and I was startled to see the almost childish grin spreading across his face. "We only received twenty-one letters from the Council this month!"

Cheers flooded the room, but my head was reeling. Twenty-one? Isn't that a lot to receive in a month? I thought, remembering back to a few of the other guilds. Most of them got two or three letters a month... so how does this place get twenty-one?

Makarov ripped open all of the envelopes at once and started reading them. "Cana, two were about you taking 'breaks' from your jobs to steal liquor from the local bars. Gray, you have five complaints about turning different parks into ice statues," he said, tossing each letter to the side as he read it. "Elfman, three because of your full-body Take-Over in the middle of a town and terrifying the residents. And Natsu..." He paused, his brow furrowing. "The rest are for you."

"Alright!" Natsu laughed. "That's two less than last time! I'm getting better, aren't I, Gramps?" He and Happy high-fived, while the Master continued with his announcement.

"Also, we have eight new recruits," he was saying. "Although they are rather young, I see their faith and determination. However... due to their age and inexperience, I am appointing mentors to each of them. One, to show them the ropes and teach them about Fairy Tail and two, to enhance their magic abilities."

"Dallas... your mentor will be Natsu Dragneel."

"Paige... your mentor will be Wendy Marvell."

"Kaitlyn... your mentor will be Gray Fullbuster."

"WHAT?!" I yelled as I heard his name again. "Why do I have to get the stripper?!"


Chapter 5


"Cassidy... your mentor will be Erza Scarlet."

I froze. My mind was racing. Isn't Erza, like, the super-scary lady that goes around punching everyone?! God. I've never been so terrified of a single person in my entire life. A single bead of sweat dripped down the side of my face. I took a deep breath, my entire body shuddering as I imagined the torment that I would go through, and tried to calm myself. My hands, which had been balled into tight fists, slowly relaxed and came to rest at my sides.

But she wouldn't be feared for nothing, I reminded myself. She is one of the best wizards in Fairy Tail, or so I've heard. If she's really that strong, than surely some of her power will be passed down to me when she trains me... right?

I heard a sort of robotic clanking noise, like metal hitting against metal. I immediately knew who it was. "Y-Yes?" I stammered, not daring to look up. Did I somehow disappoint her already?

"Come on, Cass!" The voice that I heard belonged to Katie, not Erza. "Snap out of it! I've never seen you like this before!" I lifted my head to see her grinning at me. "Besides, you're missing out on all the fun. While you were up in the clouds daydreaming, things got real steamy real fast. I don't know how you didn't get hit yet!"

"Get hit by what...?" I mumbled in bewilderment, sort of scared to ask. Then I looked around. It was a full-blown massacre!

Gray was chasing after Natsu, who was waving... his underwear? Ew! I looked away immediately, to see a woozy-looking Elfman staggering around, throwing punches at random people, and usually missing. Lucy was standing on a table, waving a golden key in the air, clearly trying to summon one of her spirits. A moment later, a man with bright orange hair and blue-tinted sunglasses landed neatly beside her. At Lucy's command, he jumped and vanished into the crowd.

I saw a lady with unnatural blue hair jumping from table to table, flinging balls of water everywhere. I watched one of them, which flew in an arc headed directly for Cana. Without even looking over her shoulder, Cana lifted a single card over her head and yelled something that was drowned out by the sounds of fighting. She flung it backwards, and it morphed into a shuriken that sliced through the ball of water. She took another swig from her beer, as if nothing had happened.

I spun around to face Katie. "What the hell?!" I exclaimed. "When did all this happen?!"

"Eh, I don't know," she replied with a nonchalant shrug. "Ol' Elfman got drunk in his competition with Cana, and then he got angry at the Master for not assigning him an apprentice, too. Everything sort of escalated from there."

"Why are you so chill with this?!" I shouted at her. "What if they get hurt?!"

"Nah." She glanced at the battle. "They won't. Gray told me that this happens all the time."

"And where is Gray now...?" I asked pointedly, recalling him trying to get his underwear from Natsu.

"Aw, shut up," Katie muttered, crossing her arms and flopping back in a seat. She scowled, but I knew that her anger was only temporary, so I ignored her.

"Looks like it's about to end, anyway," I commented, nodding towards the opposite wall. Erza was standing there, her hands balled into fists and her dark brown eyes narrowed to mere slits. At her feet was a squashed slice of strawberry shortcake, which had obviously been trampled on by the crazy mob. I got nervous immediately. The look on her face wasn't good. What the heck is she going to do now?!

She stepped forward, and as she did so, a gleaming golden light flickered near her hand. A second later, her stereotypical sword appeared in her grasp. "Shut up, all of you, or I will make you!" she yelled. Everyone fell silent almost immediately. All except for Natsu. He hadn't noticed her yet. Uh, oh.

"Hah! All of you are such weaklings!" he was yelling. He threw Gray's underwear in his face and climbed up on a table, flexing the muscles in his arms and grinning. "And it looks like Natsu Dragneel takes the crown again! Oh, hey, Erz--"

He didn't get to finish his sentence because, before he could complete her name, Erza punched him in the stomach so hard, I could hear it. His eyes rolled back in his head and he gave a little groan before collapsing on the table. A slight smile crept across her lips as she gazed out at the hushed crowd. "Looks like I win again."


Chapter 6


"Well, that sure was interesting." A sweet voice came from behind me, and I turned to see a young woman standing a little ways away. Her blue hair was roughly shoulder-length and was held back by a bright yellow headpiece with a pink flower on it. She wore an orange dress with white trimming, and had a happy smile. She seemed much friendlier than some of the other people that I had met so far.

"I'm Levy McGarden, but you can just call me Levy," she continued. "And who might you be? I haven't seen you around the guild before."

I was already taking a strong liking to her so, despite my immense shyness, I decided to talk to her for a while. "I'm Alison, or Ali for short," I said quietly, adjusting my glasses on my face. "I just joined Fairy Tail today, with seven of my friends."

Levy's brown eyes lit up, and she clapped her hands together enthusiastically. "Oh, so you're Alison! Well, nice to meet you, Ali. I just so happen to be your mentor!" She squealed. "I'm so excited to be working with you! You seem like such a nice person, and just my type, too!" She paused, and blushed. "Sorry! I know I talk a lot, but I'm just so eager to start training!"

A tiny smile crept across my lips. "That's alright," I murmured. "Although, I am wondering what you're going to teach me." I looked down at my lap. I didn't want to seem like a weakling in front of her before we had even started, but I just couldn't bring myself to hurt anyone, even if it was unintentionally.

"Huh?" Levy came and sat next to me, resting her arm comfortingly around my shoulders. "It's alright... Would you like to tell me what's bothering you?"

"Uh... it's nothing, really," I mumbled. "It's just... I don't really like fighting, but if that's all you can teach me, that's okay, too..."

"Oh!" I was surprised by Levy's reaction. At first, I thought she was laughing at me, but a quick sideways glance showed her looking at me in sympathy. "That's completely fine!" she giggled. "I'm glad to have finally found someone that doesn't like fighting! I can tell we're going to be the best of friends. Anyway... the sort of magic that I use is called Solid Script. It can turn words into actual, real-life things! It doesn't necessarily have to be used to fight, either. For example, I can write 'flowers' if I wanted to give someone a rose!"

"That sounds really cool!" I exclaimed, meaning it. But there was something else on my mind, too... "Hey, Levy?"

"Yeah? What's up?" She looked at me, her brown eyes bright and cheerful.

I hesitated. "Do you mind teaching me a bit about Fairy Tail?" I asked timidly after a moment.

"Wow," Levy breathed out. "We are so much alike! Yes, of course, I would be glad to! Well, first off, you should know about jobs. Once you've been practicing your magic for a while, you're free to take job requests, which is basically completing tasks for jewels."

"What kind of jobs are there?" I hope there are at least a few well-paying ones that don't need me to kill one thing or another!

"Oh, don't worry about that!" Levy replied, clearly knowing that I meant. She smiled genuinely at me. "Not all of them are violent. Some of them require muscle, but others require brain, like you have. And plus, later on, when you're a bit more experienced, you'll be able to form a team with some of your guildmates! They'll probably be more than willing to get their hands dirty for you. I wouldn't be in yours, but I would probably come along on a few of your adventures, anyway. Y'know... keep you and your friends safe."

I blushed. "Thank you..." I whispered.

Levy grinned. "Don't sweat it! I'll be there to guide you, every step of the way. And that's a promise I don't intend on breaking any time soon!"


Chapter 7



Chapter 8


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