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Breaking Things Is A Speciality Of Everyone In Fairy Tail.



• Dallas •

Magic ~ Fire Dragon Slaying

• Paige •

Magic ~ Sky Dragon Slaying

• Katie •

Magic ~ Static Ice Make

• Iris •

Magic ~ Celestial Magic

• Cassidy •

Magic ~ Requip

• Taylor •

Magic ~ Water Magic

• Alison •

Magic ~ Solid Script

• Anika •

Magic ~ Animal Take-Over


Chapter 1

"Can you believe that we're really going home tomorrow?" I asked, while sitting cross-legged on the hotel room floor and pulling off my socks and shoes. I rubbed my feet, which were sore from walking all day long, and stood up, looking around at my friends.

"We only have one more guild left to see," my best friend, Paige, said, from where she sat on one of the beds. She was holding a paper -- probably the schedule -- in her hands. "It's called... Fairy Tail?" She frowned. "What a strange name."

One of my other roommates, Iris, looked up from her suitcase, which she had been rummaging through, trying to find her pajamas. "At least it sounds better than some of those weird guilds we saw earlier," she pointed out with a shrug, "like Blue Pegasus. Their leader is freaky."

My good friend, Katie, sitting on the bed opposite Paige, laughed. "Hopefully Fairy Tail is better," she commented. "I'm really hoping to have chosen a guild by the end of this trip, and so far, it's not looking so good!"

I stood up and went over to sit beside Paige, peeking over her shoulder at the schedule. "Master Makarov Dreyar," I read from the list of people that we were supposed to meet, "and... Mirajane Strauss?! Isn't she like, a super-famous model for the Sorcerer Magazine?!"

"I think so," Iris said, fishing her toothbrush out of her suitcase and vanishing into the bathroom.

Paige trailed her fingertip down the list of names, murmuring a few to herself. She sighed, obviously disappointed. "I didn't see any Dragon Slayers on there," she mumbled to me, folding the paper into a neat little square.

I looked across the room to see if the Katie had heard, but she was busy braiding her hair. Not many people knew of her, no our secret. See, our friendship goes way back, through elementary school, too. One day, around the middle of fourth grade, Paige and I were hanging out together, as we often did, but we had wandered a bit past our normal boundaries. We soon found ourselves lost, with no familiar landmarks to guide us back to my house. We probably would've been stuck there for quite a while if not for the arrival of two dragons.

One was a magnificent, snowy hue of white, and the other was a dark purplish-reddish color. They told us their names: Grandeeney and Igneel. At first, they were angered by us; two ignorant little kids who didn't have the faintest idea how to use magic. But then, they softened. We made a promise, the four of us. They would teach us magic in exchange for us not blabbing our mouth about our discovery. Of course, we accepted.

So, over the course of the next few months, Grandeeney and Igneel trained us. Whenever they could, after school, in between meals, during playtimes. We learned a lot, and it was clear that we were growing. But one day, they disappeared, without a trace. They haven't returned since and now, being on the school trip that took us to meet a few different guilds, we were hoping that we would find at least one Dragon Slayer. No luck.

I groan. "Didn't Grandeeney and Igneel both have one other student?" I whisper to her, hoping that I remembered right.

"Yeah, Wendy Marvell and Natsu Dragneel," Paige replied quietly. "I thought they were in Fairy Tail..."

"They might be," I tried to assure her. "Maybe they are, and they just aren't one of those people that we're meeting."

"I hope so..." Paige muttered. "Otherwise, we're going to have to choose one and learn a whole new type of magic!" She sighed and flopped back on the bed. "This is so difficult... I don't want to have to restart. I want to continue my training!"

"Same..." I mumbled, then swung my legs around and rested my feet on the soft carpeted floor. "We should really get ready for bed. After all, we have a long day tomorrow..."

Chapter 2

Paige's POV

"Welcome to Fairy Tail girls!!" The enthusiastic shouts of the guild members filled my ears as hapiness filled the room. I beamed and flipped my hand to show the light blue mark to the members and grinned. I'm glad we chose this guild, in fact, it proved to be the best out of all the guilds we went to, including Sabertooth! They're much nicer and called each other their family. I knew this was it.

"So Paige what type of magic do you use?" I was gently tugged to the bar away from the chaotic party to a group of girls older than me.

I smiled warmly at them. "Mira, Erza, Lucy, Levy, and..." I trailed off, not knowing the last girl with dark blue hair and a sweet smile.

"Wendy! I'm Wendy Marvel nice to meet you!" She grinned and I gasped suddenly with the remembrance of her name.

"Wait. THE Wendy Marvel? You were Grandeeneys former student??" I gaped, my mouth slightly hanging open as she stood there, surprised from my outburst.

"Yes, that's her!" The white cat from Wendy's lap stated, the ribbon on her tail shifting as she swept her tail to the side. "I'm Charles. Her exceed."

I didn't get an exceed, but I just so happened to read a book about them and I nodded. "I also use Sky Dragon Slaying Magic." I said shyly, not too open about the type of magic I use. "I met Grandeeney when I was younger."

Lucy smiled. "So! How's your first day here, Paige?" I grinned at her.

"Its awesome!" I smiled until a pink-haired boy came up behind her and slung his arm over her shoulder. "Hey Luce!" He grinned at her as she blushed a bright crimson and kicked him in the side, shouting something like "Lucy Kick."

"Is that a nickname?" I thought aloud, wondering why he had called her that.

"Yeah, cute isn't it?" I turned to Mira. "Only Natsu calls her that. His exceed, Happy calls her Lushee sometimes." She giggled, bringing out a glass with a pink smoothie inside.

"Drink up! It's on me!" She winked and I grinned, sipping the drink.

"Wow it's good!" I exclaimed before whispering into Mira's ear "by the way, I totally ship Natsu and Lucy!!" She squealed and Wendy giggled, overhearing our conversation with her good ears.

Suddenly the guild became silent and I looked up to the second floor to find our master, Makarov perched on the railing.

"Listen up brats!" He yelled out to the guild "our new members here are still quite young, and their full potential hasn't been awakened yet. As master of this guild, it is my responsibility to make sure each member feels welcome. I'm going to appoint each a mentor! One to raise their skill level, and two to show them around and make sure they know what goes around here."

I beamed at the prospect of working with someone and I listened intently to who mines would be. "Alright, here are the appointed mentors. Paige... your mentor will be Wendy."

"Yes!" I exclaimed as I turned back to Wendy who had a broad smile in her face.

"Looking forward to working with you!" We chorused and laughed.

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